my wife thinks she’s the maid, but she could not be more wrong…

often my wife says „I am just a maid in this house“, but I think she’s the queen of the house.

A maid you pay a salary and she does her duties quietly. If not or worse if she opens her mouth to complain, or starts to demand unreasonable things, you quit her and get a new one. It’s that simple.Housewife, Maid or Wife

But a wife is very different. She gets way more money than a maid, if your lucky, she will perform her household duties properly. But in any case, mostly she will soon start complaining and nagging about anything and everything. She will not value your good intentions, even if you build her a palace. Or as in my case, after the palace is build she will force you to change everything again, even if it means spending all your savings wile redoing it all over again. The fact that you consider demanded changes completely unnecessary or even sheer madness dos not count. If you dare to object, or present a possible alternative, you will be bombarded with all kind of insults and threatening statements, till you agree to do what ever she wants. I know this kind of behaviour from company bosses, or from kings and dictators, or even worse from terrorists. „if you don’t do what I want I will…“
Therefore I say, a wife is definitely not a maid, if your lucky she is a queen, or if not she is a dictator. The only difference is the first is more subtle and sweet, where as the later is much more gross and terrorising.

Believe me I wrote this out of decades of experiences. And I often ask my self, why I am doing this? My only conclusion is that I am either a big fool or I am still in love? I can’t say, I guess its a bit of both?



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