A Tale of Two Calendars – Dr C K Raju – India Inspires Talks

The Christian (Gregorian) calendar is a thoroughly unscientific calendar. This calendar, which propagates superstition and historical untruth, is the only calendar that most Western educated people learn. The Western educated elite in India rarely know much about the traditional Indian calendar and they regard the Christian calendar as secular and universal!

The traditional Indian calendar is an accurate and scientific calendar, which avoids superstition and historical untruths. In India, agricultural success required a good calendar which could tell the monsoons accurately. The Indian calendar has a concept of the rainy months of Sawan and Bhadon, known to every Indian child through the culture. This calendar should, therefore, have been adopted after independence. If science is not mindless belief in the West, the traditional Indian calendar must continue to be used till one has a demonstrably better theory of the monsoons. This would probably save the lives of millions of Indian farmers.

About Dr. Chandra Kant Raju – He is a computer scientist, mathematician, educator, physicist, and polymath researcher. He is affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Civilizations in New Delhi. Currently living in Malaysia, he occupies a function as lecturer of History and philosophy of science at Albukhary International University. He has also done considerable historical research, most notably claiming infinitesimal calculus was transmitted to Europe from India. Through his research, Raju has claimed that the philosophies that underlie subjects like TIME and MATHEMATICS are rooted in the theocratic needs of the Roman Catholic Church. He has authored 12 books and dozens of articles, mainly on the subjects of physics, mathematics, and the history and philosophy of science.

Source: India Inspires

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