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The sinking of the Titanic has kept many a people’s imagination alive for almost a century. The first time I read about it was in my English non-detail book in my school days before the advent of the internet and the film.

The Hollywood blockbuster was a great hit. Yet behind the ship that sank was filled with lies and conspiracy causing 1700 innocent passengers & crew to lose their lives.

Finally almost a century later the facts speak for themselves of the conspiracy that the real Titanic did not sink on that fateful night on April 1912, but its sister ship identical to it called the Olympic which was a write off and was illegally on sea to cover up an insurance fraud on a massive scale.

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Is America on the Brink?

There are a lot of Youtube videos on the economic collapse, Dollar collapse in 2016. Guess we should look at all the parameters to conclude that for a society to collapse it takes more than just the economy or a currency. The backbone of a society has long since collapsed so this economic will be the drop for it to overflow. Not just America, with the globalisation all economies and countries will be affected. As every country has a similar kind of problem. Maybe its time to learn again?

Eminenent psychology Prof. Jerry Kroth analyses the collapse of an America and compares its similarities which collapsed in history.

„Prof. Jerry Kroth, a psychologist, looks at that question differently that financial pundits and stock market gurus. Instead he looks through the prism of social science. Using anthropologist, Jared Diamond and historian Arnold Toynbee’s seven major factors leading to societal collapse, Kroth asks how the U.S. stacks up on those seven factors. The report card is awful, and the current situation foreboding to the extreme. Data comes from his new book, Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse.

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A Tale of Two Calendars – Dr C K Raju – India Inspires Talks

The Christian (Gregorian) calendar is a thoroughly unscientific calendar. This calendar, which propagates superstition and historical untruth, is the only calendar that most Western educated people learn. The Western educated elite in India rarely know much about the traditional Indian calendar and they regard the Christian calendar as secular and universal!

The traditional Indian calendar is an accurate and scientific calendar, which avoids superstition and historical untruths. In India, agricultural success required a good calendar which could tell the monsoons accurately. The Indian calendar has a concept of the rainy months of Sawan and Bhadon, known to every Indian child through the culture. This calendar should, therefore, have been adopted after independence. If science is not mindless belief in the West, the traditional Indian calendar must continue to be used till one has a demonstrably better theory of the monsoons. This would probably save the lives of millions of Indian farmers.

About Dr. Chandra Kant Raju – He is a computer scientist, mathematician, educator, physicist, and polymath researcher. He is affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Civilizations in New Delhi. Currently living in Malaysia, he occupies a function as lecturer of History and philosophy of science at Albukhary International University. He has also done considerable historical research, most notably claiming infinitesimal calculus was transmitted to Europe from India. Through his research, Raju has claimed that the philosophies that underlie subjects like TIME and MATHEMATICS are rooted in the theocratic needs of the Roman Catholic Church. He has authored 12 books and dozens of articles, mainly on the subjects of physics, mathematics, and the history and philosophy of science.

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BREAK EUROPE: Merkel and her Migrants — What comes Next? – YouTube

In this video we will not be focusing on the migrant crime and rape waves currentling engulfing Europe but on what the next few years will entail should the current political and defacto plans being carried out go unchanged.

We will trying and explain why, in our view, this seemingly mad undertaking is being carried out and also why the populations of the West are for the most part, are currently accepting *whether grudgingly or not -this massive and unalterable change to their countries.

And in a desperate attempt to shed some hope on this situation, possible solutions.

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Alles Schall und Rauch: Die Rechte der indigenen Völker

von Freeman Wegen der Masseneinwanderung und der daraus erhitzt geführten Diskussion über was diese für Konsequenzen für die europäische Gesellschaft bedeuten, habe ich mir die Erklärung der Vereinten Nationen über die Rechte der indigenen Völker genauer angeschaut. Indigene Völker (lateinisch…

“Never Has There Been A Safe Vaccine. Never Will There Be A Safe Vaccine” – Dr. Suzanne Humphries | Collective-Evolution

Before anyone wants to poison their infants and themselves better inform yourself. After all your health and your children’s health  is your responsibility. The Pharmaceuticals will not take responsibility for your health but responsibility will be to maximise profits for their share holders.


Die sexuelle Bevormundung durch die Genderideologie – Dagmar Neubronner im NuoViso Talk – – Mehr sehen als anderswo

Was ist männlich, was ist weiblich?  Es melden sich immer mehr Stimmen zu Wort, die für eine Rückkehr zum althergebrachten Bild von Mann, Frau & Familie plädieren.

Quelle: Die sexuelle Bevormundung durch die Genderideologie – Dagmar Neubronner im NuoViso Talk – – Mehr sehen als anderswo

Zu Gast im Nuoviso Talk ist Dagmar Neubronner, Diplom-Biologin, Publizistin und Leiterin des deutschsprachigen Neufeld Instituts.
Diskutiert werden unter anderem Themenschwerpunkte der aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung  der Rolle von Mann & Frau. Es wird der Frage nachgegangen ob das aktuelle Männer- und Frauenbild natürlich oder verzerrt ist. Gegenübergestellt werden dafür unter anderem historische sowie aktuelle Rollenbilder, die in Verbindung mit entwicklungspsychologischen Betrachtungen und aktuellen Tendenzen in der Gesellschaft ausführlich beleuchtet werden.

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